2017 Graduate Programme Student Profiles

Adam Miles

I am pursuing a role where I can apply the skills that I have acquired throughout my studies (B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D.; Sport and Exercise Science and Sport Psychology) to help athletes, teams, and practitioners achieve their potential. My skills extend from campaign planning and programme implementation to one-to-one consultation; skills that I have used to help several teams achieve regional and national success. If you are seeking an evidence-based practitioner who is passionate about maximising individual and group potential, please contact me.

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Aram Babakr

A clinical researcher with over 3 years skills in conducting laboratory molecular experiments, designing clinical studies and performing data analysis using common statistical tools. Also, with an outstanding teaching as well as laboratory demonstration ability in the medical field, I passionately seeking for an effective and engaging role in tutoring or research role in the health field.

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Badsha Chandra

As a “Data Science” post-graduate from University of Otago and possessing 12 years’ experience in Software/IT product development, I am seeking a role in Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data or Software. With my technical acumen and problem-solving skills, I have demonstrated strengths in technology associated business challenges by technically driving projects to deliver software products with rigorous adherence to cadence and quality. If you are seeking a Data Scientist/Software professional who will go the extra mile.

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Ben Shen

Having passed CFA Level I in Dec 2015, I am seeking a role as an analyst. I have degrees in economics and finance. I have a good attention to detail, as shown by the large number of pages I have to read as a postgraduate student. I am a motivated candidate. I received a full scholarship from the University of Canterbury. My career goal is to grow in experience and keep learning.

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Carina Chen

With over 5 years’ working experiences in customer services and retail sales, I am looking for jobs in hospitality. I’m patient and multilingual (English, Mandarin, Cantonese and hometown dialect) and can communicate with a diverse range of people. If you are seeking  a professional who is keen to provide satisfied service to clients.

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Carlos Cabrera

With over 10 years of world travel experience, 6 years in the U.S. Navy and 6 years in customer services, I am seeking a role in customer service. I am skilled with networking and adapting to different cultures in order to understand the potential customer or future business  partner. If you are seeking a customer service provisional who will go the extra mile.

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Cristi Ilagan

I am currently a Graduate Diploma student who majors in Strategic Management and have a background in International Relations. I have notable experiences in Marketing and Journalism where I received an EU Peace Journalism Award. I am seeking a role in consultation and analysis. My skills also extend to multilingualism (I speak fluent English, Filipino, and Intermediate French), effective planning, and organising, If you are in need of an enthusiastic individual.

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Diana Tapia

With a 5 year background as a dentist running my dental practice in Peru, I decided to go beyond by specializing in international health services management. More than a wonderful dental nursing year experience in private and public health sectors, give me skills to understand how health organizations are structured in New Zealand and inspires me to achieve quality health standards in people. If you are interested in a proactive health manager candidate, I will be delighted to add value in your day-by-day challenges.

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Dyaln Xu

Civil engineering student with 2 years experience in internship and part time job in variety business environment. Seeking a role in civil related industry.  I have attention to detail and ability to communicate with a wide range of people. A fast learn and willing to creat extra mile for the company I work for. Please email me to discuss more detail.

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Eden Kim

With various experience in marketing, retail and hospitality, I am an enthusiastic psychology undergraduate student who work well in a team environment ensuring all opinions are respected and encouraged. Being adaptive to changes and open to challenge new things, I am eager to to dive into new market and gain skills and experience. In all areas I strive to maintain a positive, flexible attitude which contributes to workplace atmosphere.

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Ferdo Abimanyu

With an integration of passion in transportation and urban planning, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Geography finalist, I am seeking for a role in transport planning. I am a candidate who is keen to learn and gain experience. My knowledge in my field could be applied in the workplace. If you are seeking for a graduate transport planner who is willing and eager to learn.

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Ged Lituanas

I am a 3D artist/designer with a deep and passionate appreciation for graphics, 3D character designs and other game or film 3D assets. This enthusiastic and keen joy is reflected strongly in my artwork. My work is executed by breaking down my chosen art form into the essential components or skills. I practice my craft every single day, making it a daily habit. I take an honest appraisal of my artistic weakness, to practice with mindfulness.

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Gowshik Murugesh

I’m pursuing New Zealand Diploma in Civil Engineering at Otago Polytechnic I’m looking for a civil engineering internship during summer and winter break. I am passionate to work under outdoor circumstances involving practical situations and software related areas as well. If you are looking for a Student from the Civil Engineering Diploma.

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James Ryan Kaos

I’m currently doing my final year of my Bachelors in Engineering Technology at Otago Polytechnic. My greatest strength area are Management and Construction and I’m interested in securing any similar working role opportunities that allow me to be working on-site. Because I enjoy working in a team and physical work which was a key part in my personal development.

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Jerome Cao

Being a young professional Ph.D. student in the past three years, plus three years working experiences as a data analyst, I’m on the way to be a data scientist. The strengths of my abilities are building advanced statistical models and implementing them in R and Python. Lecturing and tutoring skills help me to read and interpret data, and present analysis reports to customs without any difficulties. If you are seeking a young professional dealing with data every day.

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June Burapatanin

I am an undergraduate student studying toward the Bachelor of Art degree in psychology at University of Otago. I am seeking a role of psychologist in healthcare and/or rehabilitation. My skills are listening, empathy and decision-making. If you are seeking an enthusiastic future psychologist to work in your organisation.

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Leo Li

I’m currently studying sales and marketing and working as a student ambassador at Otago Polytechnic. One of my greatest strengths is speaking and writing in Mandarin fluently. With over 5 years experience in services in Chinese Red Cross, as well as 2 years in the army, I’m seeking an entry-level role in sales and marketing as a linkage between New Zealand and China. Because marketing overseas is a key part of my development, it’s important for me to pay it forward and help a company develop to its higher potential.

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Liu Yang

5 years experience in designing fashion footwear in Spain and China with a great deal of passion for design.I am an innovative thinker with proven ability to understand evolving consumer footwear needs and able to identify design and develop direction. My worldwide education and working experience had taught me not only how to create, but also how to generate great ideas and respect wonderful team works. If you are seeking a fashion shoes designer who will go the extra mile.

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Massimiliana Urbano

I have over 9 years experience in research. I am a skilled and creative project manager and have excellent interpersonal communication and organizational abilities. I have a passion for people and am curious about the world. If you are seeking an analytical thinker and excellent problem solver with the ability to work in a team as well as independently.

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Michelle Lai

With 2 years experience in finance and customer services, I am seeking a role in the tourism and hospitality industry. I am a skilled financial credit analyser and a certified tour escort. I am multilingual which includes Cantonese, English and Mandarin. If you are seeking an passionate person who value high standard of customer satisfaction.

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Minh Van

My name is Minh and I am in my last year of university with a major in Statistics. I am hoping to find a job in the data analysis field in the near future, which is specifically related to statistical computing, probability inference, plus regression and modelling. Though I have never had a professional job as a data scientist before, I am willing to learn and give it my best in order to benefit your company/organization. If you are looking for anyone with growing statistical skills.

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Nishant Negi

I am seeking an opportunity for the role of a data scientist/analyst as I am passionate about data driven solutions. The love for problem solving motivated me to do engineering in Naval Architecture. After working over two years as a core engineer I wanted to extend my analytical skills to a wider domain and hence chose to pursue a Master of Business Data Science in University of Otago. If you are looking for a professional who enjoys delving into heaps of data to extract solutions.

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Peam Wiwitawan

With six years of study in economics and three years in psychology, these two areas have become my passion. I am self-motivated and always ready to learn with proven leadership skills gained academically, years of volunteering and sport commitments. Years of doing unpaid works, travelling and helping many from different backgrounds have equipped me with international experiences and an open-mind to changes and diversity. I am also a bilingual and my skills extend to capabilities in problem-solving and numbers. I am seeking a role in psychology and/or economics related or simply anything I can contribute to making a difference.

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Purple Fong

Hello! My name is Purple, I am currently studying Economics at University of Otago. I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them to solve the problems. I have experience in customer service sector by working in the retail and events industries. I can provide sophisticated communication and problem solving skills in order to retain the existing customers through high customer satisfaction and get new customers to the business. I also have many successful stories in my previous job experience  in which required my efficiency in decision making and selection skills  either. I am now seeking a role in claims and risk consulting.

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Sab Bandyopadhyay

I am a healthcare executive with a degree in Medicine and 4 years of practicing experience. Currently, I am on the verge of completing my MBA from the University of Otago. This unique combination of Medicine and Business related knowledge is my competitive advantage. I have learnt how to be resilient in high pressure situation while working as a medical officer in Critical Care Unit and how to achieve operational excellence while working in radiology lab. Now, equipped with all the business knowledge and consulting experience I gathered from MBA, I am looking for a leadership role in research, innovation and education in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

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Saeideh Babashahi

My name is Saeideh. I am a PhD student in Economics. I have two years of work experience as a technical officer at Ministry of Health in Iran, as well as taking part in so many national research projects, in the field of Health Economics, mostly published in prestigious and peer-reviewed journals. I am interested and skilled in research, exploring information gaps/problems and ultimately finding the best possible solutions to these problems. I am so passinate about my career and doing the right thing at the right time. My life motto is to be the next change intiator!

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Samantha Wei

I am currently a full time tertiary student who maintains high academic achievement  while balancing responsibilities such as working as a restaurant waitress for Jizo Japanese Cafe, as a board member of a non-profit organisation, TheGasworks NZ,  and voluntarily help the Google Code Club for primary school students. I have a demonstrated range of technical knowledge in areas such as client-side components, server-side languages, web application frameworks, and a thorough understanding of the architecture of web applications and network management. I’d like to look into a career as a web developer or as a network administrator. One of my goals in life is to help a company build a website.

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Sophie Zareei

Final year PhD candidate seeking a position in ICT sector. With strong mathematical background as well as data analysis and programming skills. I am also a skilled technical support specialist who addresses customer support issues quickly and who consistently exceeds performance standards. If you are seeking a data analyst, technical support specialist, or software developer who is a quick learner and self-motivated person.

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Srijana dangol

A passionate and innovative interior designer with more than 5 years professional experiences on working various projects ranging from simple living room to commercial projects. An ambitious and dedicated designer eager to gain experience in a creative environment. The ability to use industry standard programs proficiently gives me a solid competitive benefit in creating and manupulating architectural and interior visualizations. I believe, these qualities and skills make me a competent candidate and motivated to succeed on my career of designing field.

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Theon Leong

With experience in front-end web development and online content creation, I am looking for an internship in the New Zealand tech scene. Previously, I have worked with a team of interns to develop a dynamic web application. I am also a skilled communicator, having previously worked as a tech journalist and as a marketing ambassador. If your business needs new custom software or a better online presence.

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Wee Ai Teh

A final year undergraduate psychology student and a passionate volunteer with over 4 years of volunteering experience in youth work and social services. I am looking for a role in mental health social work. I am an effective communicator and team player. I have always been interested in mental health issues and with a job in this field I am willing to expand my skills and knowledge.

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